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August 17, 2013

Create money to live

Hmmmmmm… I sat down to write this blog post at my usual schedule. Ideas popped in, but none flowed into writing. I willingly spent a few hours procrastinating. I reminded myself, as any writer knows, that you just have to do it.


Today’s blog message is simply this: to create money to live, you just have to create money to live. Do you know how to earn more money? Do you know how to save more money? Do you know how you can improve the quality of (the value you experience from) your money? Go create money to live!


August 17, 2012


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Thank you to Katy for her warm welcome! I look forward to writing on Money to Live.

Sharing with Money to Live a similar philosophy, I use money to live the way I want. One of my approaches to achieving this is to make more conscious choices: how I wish to live, and how I create and use money to support myself in my goals. I write about the practical details and bigger picture values, with some creative dots in between.

August 16, 2008

Blogging and Vegetarianism

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In college, like many other young Americans, I stopped eating meat. Proud of my animal-friendly ways, I told other vegetarians that I had become one of them. They seemed interested and asked how long I had been vegetarian.

“Well, only a few weeks.”

“[scoff] That doesn’t count.”

[Katy feels disappointed.] 😦

This frustrated me because I intended to be a vegetarian indefinitely. Eventually I came up with this response,

“You know what. At some point, you too were a vegetarian for only 5 weeks.”

This shut up those snobby vegetarians.

What does vegetarianism have to do with blogging?

As I tell friends and acquaintances that I started a blog, many ask “How long have you been blogging?” The common response to my answer of “a few weeks” is a scoff. If a blogger says this to me, I can use my vegetarian response, “At some point you were a blogger for only a few weeks.” But unlike vegetarianism, non-bloggers (analogous to carnivores) ask me the same question.

Any ideas for a smart retort?

In case you are wondering, I am no longer a vegetarian but still love veggies! I lasted three years — part of that time I was in the meat-and-potatoes country of Hungary, where I was served a whole tomato and hunk of cheese at a fancy restaurant as the vegetarian meal. I started eating meat after running into some health problems. I had “significantly low” hemoglobin levels. With massive doses of iron and the occasional hamburger, I have tons more energy and sleep 1-2 hours less per night.

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