Money To Live


The phrase “money to live” comes from something my mother used to say whenever I complained about spending money:

It takes money to live.

I used to be (and still sometimes am) shocked at how expensive things cost. “Things” could be a shower curtain, a gallon of gas, or the $5 surcharge on my gas bill. My mom has always responded patiently to my laments with a sigh and “It takes money to live.”

After supporting myself for several years, I came to understand that I use money to live the way I want.

My best friend is my sounding board for everything in life, and I knew I had the right name for this blog when she said, “I need money to live, but otherwise I don’t care.”

This blog is aimed at those of us who do not want to be confined by their finances but want to use money to live. Money to Live essays cover all aspects of personal finance, including saving, budgeting, spending, and career-related issues.

About Katy

I am Katy Bold, and I have been interested in personal finance since I was a teenager. I love to talk about money and finances and started this blog to open up the conversation.

I have lived all over the United States and in Budapest, Hungary. I have a Ph. D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University and have worked in the management consulting industry. I also teach yoga.

About Anita

Sharing with Money to Live a similar philosophy, I use money to live the way I want. One of my approaches to achieving this is to make more conscious choices: how I wish to live, and how I create and use money to support myself in my goals. I write about the practical details and bigger picture values, with some creative dots in between.


Personal finances can be quite personal. The stories on here are all true, but names and situational details may be changed to protect the identities of the people who confide in me.


This blog is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.


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