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June 22, 2013


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Recently I had an unfortunate (though not uncommon) issue with my (Macbook Pro) computer power adaptor: near the power adaptor “brick,” where the cable emerges and is flexible, the cable frayed. No power adaptor meant no power. I needed a solution, and finally chose to fix it.

New power adaptor: ~$90.

Temporary or bodge-it suggestions: home-made splint ($ effectively free); epoxy putty (~$9); or glue gun (~$12).

Fix*: (scalpel away the plastic cable for a closer look), cut the frayed cable away, strip the wires, solder, heatshrink ($ effectively free if you already have the required tools and supplies).

I was pleased that I minimised use of resources/waste, learnt about the innards of my computer cable, and saved ~$90.

When was the last time you fixed something?

[*Disclaimer: voids warranty; may be risky; you are responsible for your own choices, actions and consequences.]


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