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December 21, 2012

Farmers’ Markets

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What if your food could be delicious, fresh, locally grown…and inexpensive? I enjoy these features by shopping at farmers’ markets. It’s not only my pocketbook that benefits: local farmers make more money too. We both have more money to live.

Organic apples at half price! Sold as juicing apples, these were the same type of apples as their regularly priced counterpart; they were just not “perfect” aesthetically, so you would never see them in the supermarket. I snapped up 4 kg of those delicious apples.

“These are a delicate mix of sweet and tart, they’re turning with the season this week”. Yup, it was another cheap bag of apples, freshly picked just a few days ago and with unofficial tasting notes. Sometimes the lovely stall owners tuck some extra produce into my bag as a gift.

“One dollar! One dollar bag! Six for four dollars!” At the end of the market weekend, fruit and vegetables from my local growers’ market is particularly cheap. The same food that sold for normal prices during the day is sold for $1 per bag, for multiple bags it’s often cheaper. It’s a great way to pick up a lot of inexpensive produce (and particularly great if you’re cooking large veggie soups or preserving fruit). The food is fresher and cheaper than the supermarkets even at non-sale times.

Where’s your nearest farmers’ market? 🙂


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