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March 17, 2012

Constantly checking accounts

Filed under: budgeting,family finances — by moneytolive @ 2:49 am

I think it’s time to revise how I handle our finances. Back when it was just me and R, I had a routine where once a week I checked our main accounts and reviewed our cash flow projects for the next few months. This was also a time to transfer money between accounts. Once a month I did a more thorough review and took a snapshot of all of our accounts (cash, credit cards, investment, etc.).

Now, though, I am checking our main accounts about five times a week. Since my income is irregular and we have new, large, recurring expenses (primarily, childcare), our accounts are a little more complicated. Throw in a major car repair, plane tickets to England, and a delayed tax refund …

Our money for childcare is kept in a separate bank account. If my projections are correct, this account will finally have a surplus by September. Then I won’t need to keep tabs on its balance as closely.

Until then (and until we get our tax refund), I am grateful to have built up an emergency fund. We can pay all of our bills on time while we wait for some cash flow bumps to smooth out.


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