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October 20, 2011

Am I keeping a secret from my husband?

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Disclaimer: Financial secrets are generally very bad. Especially if they involved credit cards, separate bank accounts, or fraud.

I keep track of nearly all aspects of our finances – goal tracking, retirement planning, bill paying, day-to-day budgeting. I work out our cash flow several months in advance, so I always know what’s coming.

Financially, things aren’t looking good for the next few months. My income is way down (baby due in late October), and our expenses are way up (baby due in late October). We have enough money to pay for everything, but it’s eating through our day-to-day cash buffer.*

Should I tell R about it? So far, I haven’t.

It’s temporary. Though my income is down, I am doing some freelance work that will replenish our cash buffer (and a little more), but I don’t know when I’ll receive the money.

There’s still money in the bank. We’re not going to overdraw the checking account; we’re not going to have any credit card debt.

I don’t want to worry his pretty little head. I’ve found that if I make an off-hand comment about running out of money, R interprets the situation as much worse than it really is. When I made a comment about spending all of our money on renovations, I meant that we spent all that we had budgeted, while he thought I meant that we spent *all* of our money. I was glad when we resolved that miscommunication!

I’m planning a more important conversation in a few months. Kids are expensive, and they change the family budget. While I have read all about budgets and kids, there’s still a lot of uncertainty with how a kid will affect our budget. My workload is flexible, and I have not decided how much to work, which affects how much we pay in childcare. Within the next few months, we will sit down for a conversation about how the baby is affecting our budget and goals. I care more about that conversation than our current cash flow. I don’t need his input for managing our current cash flow; I need his input as we juggle our goals and budget.

So, should I tell him about our bank account balance?

If R reads this, I guess he’ll find out.


*This cash buffer is separate from our emergency fund.


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