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August 30, 2010

Vacations with and without full time jobs

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I am currently on my honeymoon. Scheduling our honeymoon was not easy. We sandwiched it in between some of my jobs, and we bought more expensive plane tickets in order to be back in time for me to start a new contract.

A few weeks before my wedding, a friend wrote this in an email:

I am working pretty hard at work this week because my boss went into a panic when he realized how soon it was before I went on vacation for two weeks.  Note: I originally told him about this vacation in May. He is worried that he is going to get a request for something while I am gone and not know how to use my tools to produce the requested results.  I have been offering to teach him and other people for months, but it hasn’t happened.  Now in addition to everything I have to finish before I leave, I also have to write a mini how-to for my toolkit in case they need to run something while I am gone. Hopefully, this paragraph will make you enjoy not having a regular job.

While there are many perks about not working full time, there are still many drawbacks. Right now, vacation seems to fall into the category of a drawback. While I don’t have to check in with a boss to take vacation, I do not get paid for any vacation time. I had to turn down a job that would have conflicted with my honeymoon, which would have made up a significant portion of my annual salary.

A benefit of not working full time is the flexibility in designing my workload. My friend does not have much of a choice — she has to work a ton before leaving for vacation, and there isn’t much she could have done about it before (except work long hours in the previous weeks).

So, which would you rather have — flexible workload but no pay on vacation or less flexible workload and vacation time?

(Yes, this is a false dichotomy. There is a lot of flexible, contract work that can be done from anywhere.)


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  1. 1. flexible workload and pay on vacation
    2. flexible workload but no pay on vacation
    3. less flexible workload and vacation time

    Comment by anita — September 7, 2010 @ 2:32 pm |Reply

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