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October 21, 2009

Small updates

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An update to a recent post about possible product placement in airline safety warnings:

Long-time reader Shannon talked to her mother, a United flight attendant, who said that this is NOT an example of product placement – it is a true safety concern. I still think that this is good advertising for Sony. If I worked in advertising, I would encourage companies to advertise their products in in-flight magazines if their products are mentioned in a safety announcement (i.e., Apple-iPod and RIM-Blackberry).

AmeriCorps update:

In my AmeriCorps position, I sometimes feel like Suze Orman on Oprah. Have you seen those episodes where Suze (and Jean Chatzky, among others) goes into someone’s home to tally up all of the her debt? Suze tends to yell at the people and tell them all the horrible things they’ve been doing. I feel like Suze without the yelling.

I spent a few hours this week reading a client’s bills to tally up all of his debt. Having sat down and done this with a person in real life, I think that the yelling on Oprah is completely unnecessary. Many/most people with significant debt know they did not make the best choices in the past and are ready to make changes.


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