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July 29, 2009

A different kind of bucket list

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The NY Times recently cut employees’ pay and encouraged them to take extra vacation to make up for it. One columnist chronicled a day off that he spent catching up on his finances.

“A Day to Tackle the Financial To-Do List”
Ron Lieber

I particularly liked one of his tasks, and I asked my parents to fill out the form he references:

WHAT TO DO IF WE’RE DEAD Merrill Lynch gives away a terrific form titled “Organizing your financial life. Critical information at your fingertips.” It’s basically a road map to sorting your financial affairs in case you fall off a large cliff, though Mother Merrill doesn’t quite market it that way. After several years of putting this off, I finally filled out the form on fiscal health day and will send copies to our families soon.

I read this article the day after helping my father fill out some important paperwork. We could not find my mother’s social security number during 30 minutes of searching for it, and I started having images of what would happen if both of my parents died. I would be very, very sad, and I would also be drowning in decades of files and paperwork. I printed this form, highlighted the entries that applied to my parents, and sat down with them while they filled it out.


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