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May 27, 2009

Negotiating for Vacation

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In the past year, two of my friends did amazing jobs negotiating their jobs. Each got what she really wanted, which was not a higher salary.

Sasha lives in Colorado and had been free-lancing for a large energy company. She decided to go full time and proposed an annual salary based on her consulting pay, with seven weeks vacation. She hinted that she would budge on the salary as long as she got the vacation, but her manager hired her at the stated salary. Sarah loves the mountains and loves to travel, and she wanted plenty of time for those pursuits.

Angela lives in Australia, and this is what she said about her recent negotiations:

I negotiated a four day week, so I can spend the last weekday working on my own practice (hopefully half a day volunteering at the hospital, if my application is accepted; or anything else I care to do :)).  It was a bit sad giving up 1/5 pay, but I wanted to keep my time.  And I think I will have a much happier time at work if I’m excited and intense for four days.

Salary negotiation was relievingly easy.  I asked for a range; they gave me a large range; I specified the top half of the range, explaining that I wanted something at least comparable with what I could get as a good postdoc in Australia (post docs here pay better than in the USA); and was offered and accepted something that was at the low end of my range, but definitely fair.  One interesting thing (which I wasn’t expecting) was that they offered me the option of x or x+5k, which had me very confused — I had to ask if I was surely supposed to pick the larger number? 🙂 — but apparently some people like to go for the lower number until their probation ends, to lessen the pressure.  I opted for x+5, since I’m only doing 4 days/week so I know I’m going to be very productive when I’m there.

Angela was creative in her negotiations – not only did she negotiate a 4 day workweek, but she also negotiated for a desk with a window!


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  1. Sounds like a couple of happy results!

    Comment by Anita — June 6, 2009 @ 6:42 am |Reply

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