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April 29, 2009

Moving to Austin, TX

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I am moving back to Austin, TX, where I lived from 2000-2003 while studying at the University of Texas.

Reason #1 to move to Austin: Friends

A few days after being laid off, I had this conversation with my mom:

Mom: Why don’t you just move to Austin because C? [my college roommate and best friend lives in Austin]
Me: Hmmm … maybe.

A few hours after that conversation, I talked to C:

Me: My mom suggested that I move to Austin. What do you think?
C: Of course you should!
Me: Okay. : )

Reason #2 to move to Austin: Cost of living

Though at that point I had not done the research, I knew that Austin was a cheaper city to live in than the suburbs of DC. Taking into account cost of living adjustments, I can take a 30.5% pay cut and maintain my same lifestyle in Austin. Here is the break down of expenses:

  • Groceries will cost 14% less.
  • Housing will cost 61% less.
  • Utilities will cost 7% less.
  • Transportation will cost 8% less.
  • Healthcare will cost 9% less.

Reason #3 to move to Austin: Lots of jobs

College towns fare better in this economic downturn.


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