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December 31, 2008

Another victim of the recession: Puppies

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I gave my father a puppy for Christmas.

Since my mom wanted a dog that does not shed and my dad wants a big dog (but not a standard poodle), we decided to look for a Labradoodle. Labradoodles pups are the result of cross-breeding a labrador retriever and a  standard poodle. While there are no guarantees, the breed tends to be low-shed and hypo-allergenic.

I contacted and offered to adopt two adult labradoodles, but each already had a pending adoption. The only other adult labradoodles in the area that were up for adoption have behavior issues, and my parents were not ready to bring home a dog with pre-existing behavior problems.

I found some Labradoodle pups listed on Craigslist and called the owner, Scott. Scott explained that he is not a breeder and only has this one litter because his veterinarian convinced him that his gentle, AKC registered golden lab would make a great mom for breeding. When the pups were born, most were already claimed by their new owners, who had paid a deposit for a Labradoodle puppy. Several families backed out and forfeited their $250 deposits, though, because they could not pay the remaining $500 of the adoption fee. That left Scott with a lot of Labradoodle puppies. He actually lives in Oklahoma but had to bring the pups to Dallas because there were not enough people interested in buying the pups in Oklahoma City.

The logistics of buying the puppy worked out very well, and Scott came directly to my parents’ house on his way from Oklahoma City to Dallas. It was quite a site to see five 3-month-old Labradoodles running around the front yard. Of the five, four had black coats and one had a golden coat. My father selected the one puppy with a golden coat, who also happened to be the largest of the litter. Originally named Noah Bear, the golden Labradoodle puppy has been tentatively name Sherman (after William Tecumseh).

In all honesty, the reason my parents finally agreed to get a dog is the movie Marley & Me. It is a wonderful movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes dogs. The dog Marley has the nickname “clearance puppy.” In the same spirit – because he was already returned once due to a misunderstanding of apartment dog weight restrictions, my nickname for Sherman is “final sale puppy.”

Within the first 12 hours of getting the puppy, my mother and I together spent a total of $600.
$250 for the puppy
$300 on food and supplies (a crate, etc.)
$50 in donations to the Fort Worth Animal Shelter (because they asked and I felt guilty for not adopting from a shelter)
Staying up half the night because the little guy whined in his crate – priceless

Here is a short clip of Sherman “romping”



  1. you were totally scammed by a puppy mill breeder! Not because your dog is a mixed breed (there are many mixed breed breeders who are reputable). It is very unlikely that your dog’s parents had any genetic health testing required for breeding. Were you given a guarantee with your puppy… what will happen if your puppy gets sick or worse has a major health issue? Will that guy from OK support you and your puppy’s needs? If you call him does he answer your calls now or does he avoid them?

    What happened to the rest of the puppies? Did they go to a shelter?

    The only way to help shelters is to buy from a reputable breeder, supporting back yard breeders and puppy mills keep them in business and keep shelters full of their unsold dogs.

    Comment by Dog Person — February 4, 2009 @ 10:29 am |Reply

  2. Found your site very interesting, full of informative articles, added to my favourites.

    Comment by Grace Kelly — March 8, 2009 @ 9:17 pm |Reply

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