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December 3, 2008

When Money Solves Problems

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As the weather has turned cold (I saw snow last week!), I am reminded of how unprepared I was for winter when I first moved to New Jersey from Texas. My first two winters were miserable.

During the first winter, the heat was shut off in my dorm for 24 hours. Feeling very cold that evening, I decided to take a hot shower to warm myself up. I put the shower on hot and let it run for several minutes to get nice and scalding hot. After a few minutes I dropped my towel, hopped into the shower, and screamed. When the heat is turned off, so is the hot water.

It did not help that my office was poorly heated. My office temperature never got above 70 degrees in the winter, but it also never dipped below 67 degrees, which was the threshold for arranging a visit from Maintenance.

There was also the day I slipped on ice on a sidewalk, right as a yellow school bus full of children drove by.

My poor mother heard countless time how cold it was, and one day she had had enough of it. I called her and spent ten full minutes relaying every detail of the cold. When we got off the phone, I found a $200 Lands End gift certificate in my email inbox. I promptly ordered the warmest socks they sold (intended for arctic hiking and camping) and the warmest long underwear available (upwards of $60 a pair).

This gift may be the most transformational gift I have ever received. It literally changed my life, and I complained far less the three remaining winters in New Jersey.

Every time I pull out the arctic camping gear (like today), I think of my mom and am so grateful she used money to solve my problem of being cold.



  1. Money can’t buy happiness but it surely can buy comfort.

    Comment by Mary Bold — December 3, 2008 @ 10:05 am |Reply

  2. YES! I definitely have analogous tales 🙂

    Comment by Anita — December 6, 2008 @ 8:05 pm |Reply

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