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November 5, 2008

Scrimp/Splurge: Television

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Scrimp: Keep using the very-heavy 27″ CRT television that I got for only $50.

Cost: $50 one year ago

Maybe the next time I move I will ditch (sell or give away) this TV for a lighter flat-panel. Since the TV made it through my most recent move and is a good size for my living room, I will keep using it.

Splurge: a beautiful 42″ LCD television

Cost: $800-$4,000

Recently, I watched a movie on a friend’s new 42″ LCD TV. The picture was perfect, and it felt like being at the movies. Note that this was in a very large living room, with seating at least ten feet away from the screen. In a smaller room, the screen would be overwhelming.


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  1. Ah, but as you age that screen will not be overwhelming. It will be see-able. For a year I’ve fretted over the 25″ LCD in my home office as not being large enough to see from half-way across the room (admittedly a long room). In pre-election TV viewing, I turned the channel to a news analysis show. Aha! Talking heads are quite viewable on that screen from any distance in the room.

    Comment by Mary Bold — November 5, 2008 @ 12:19 pm |Reply

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