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November 3, 2008


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During the primaries last spring, I got into many discussions about the importance of voting. While voting is a part of civic duty, it is only one small part. I am slightly annoyed when people act patriotic because they voted. If you care about an issue, go spend one hour volunteering for that issue. Most of the time, that will create more of an impact than casting a vote.

I told one friend that it would be more effective for me to make a campaign donation than to go and vote myself. He disagreed, and to get me to vote, he offered to make a donation of $25 to the candidate of my choice. What a deal! This way, not only would the candidate get my vote, but the donation could be used to convince other people to vote, potentially getting 16 extra votes for my candidate.

Here is some info about mobilization efforts and the cost per vote generated:

Apparently, text messaging is a good way to get people out to vote, with a cost/ vote generated at $1.56, compared to $67 per vote generated by direct mail.

I suspect that text messaging is effective because it is a good last minute reminder that is quickly read. Though I screen phone calls and ignore political email messages, I receive little to no phone spam, and therefore would probably read a text message.


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  1. As the donor of the $25, I’d like to point out that the $1.56 is the cost of getting someone from a particular group (mostly young people) to *go to the voting booth*, not to vote for your candidate. Convincing a swing voter in favor of your candidate (or identifying individuals likely to vote for your candidate and reminding only them to vote) is much more difficult. Obama received 9 million votes more than McCain, but spent $300 million more. Volunteering and making donations are great ways to help a candidate or a cause, but they are no substitute for actually voting!

    Comment by Nathan — December 3, 2008 @ 8:41 pm |Reply

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