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October 22, 2008

Scrimp/Splurge: Help is a phone call away

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Scrimp: “Momstar”

Cost: free with a cell phone

If my mom had a nickel for each time I called her for directions, she would be rich. Several times, I have called her with vague information: “I am in Princeton, and I just crossed a bridge. I do not see any street signs. How do I get home?” [This happened my first night in Princeton. To this day, I have not been able to figure out where I was that night. There are three bridges in town and many more a little further out] My mom calmly finds me on Google Maps and gives me directions to get home.

Momstar also offers directory assistance services. Last week my best friend called because she was on a lunch break with no access to a computer. She wanted to call her cable company to resolve an issue but did not have the number. That is where I come in as directory assistance; she called me and asked me to look up the phone number. Despite being on a walk and away from my computer, I opened up Safari on my iPhone and found the number in 1-2 minutes.

Splurge: OnStar by GM

Cost $299/year

OnStar is an in-vehicle service offered by General Motors that allows you to talk to a real person in the event of an emergency or if you are lost and need directions. OnStar can only be installed and used in certain vehicles.

This could be a great service for some drivers: a nervous driver who feels more secure with OnStar; a teenage driver who gets lost a lot; anyone driving in remote areas with poor cellular service and few cars on the road.

Thanks to a reader, Melanie, who told me about “Momstar.”


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  1. Hilarious with the “Momstar”! Not to bring down the joke, but you can actually get the same two services — directions and directory assistance — for free with 1-800-FREE411. The directions come via MapQuest and can be texted to your cell. The d.a. gives you biz, gov’t, and residential listings. Both free. If you want to give your mom a break.

    Comment by JayFromJingle — October 22, 2008 @ 9:36 pm |Reply

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