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October 10, 2008

Free money at the mall

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I was shopping at Tyson’s Corner (a giant mall in Northerv Virginia) and went into a store I had never visited before, Martin + Osa.

A lady approached me and asked if I would complete a survey about Martin + Osa clothing. The survey would take an hour, and I would have to try on 10 pieces of clothing. For my time, I would receive a $75 AmEx gift card (these gift cards work like a debit card).

I decided to complete the survey because

  • I had nothing in particular to do in the next hour on a Sunday afternoon.
  • $75 is more than my current hourly wage*.
  • This would be an opportunity for me to try on a lot of clothes in the store and decide if  I like the store.

My conclusion: I liked a few of the sweaters but not at the prices they were selling for.

I spend the $75 the very next day on a lamp for my “library” (I rearranged my apartment so that what used to be my dining room is now a small library). The original lighting was harsh and not so pleasant for reading.

* A quick way to compute your hourly wage is to take your annual wage, drop the last three digits and divide by 2 (really, this is dividing by 2,000, which is 50 weeks times 40 hours/week)


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