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October 8, 2008

Scrimp/Splurge: Office Software

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Scrimp: Open-source and free software

Cost: $0

My favorites are those by Google — Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets. In school, I kept all of my research notes in Google Docs. A great feature is that it is possible to search within a single document or in all documents. Another great feature is “sharing” files. When my brother got married, we used a Google Speadsheet to keep track of invitations for relatives (my mom and I entered the addresses and phone numbers, and my brother sent them invitations). We also used a shared Google Doc to coordinate information about travel plans with the extended relatives.

Downsides to Google Docs:

  • if Google goes down, you lose access to files you have not backed up
  • I have trouble with the formatting sometimes
  • Google has access to your files (a privacy concern)

A commonly used open-source office software suite is Open Office.

Splurge: Microsoft Office Professional

Cost: $499

If you need professional looking documents or need to share files with business-types, consider the full version of Office.

Note: The student and home versions cost less.


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