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October 2, 2008

Defining Moment: Helping the economy

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Defining Moments is a series about how we remember money and how it has shaped our lives.

Fern always found the best deals. If she knew a bottle of shampoo was a nickel cheaper at another store, she would wait and buy it at the other store. If Fern missed out on the best deal, she agonized and vowed to get the best deal next time. This all changed when her then-boyfriend-now-husband told her that by spending an extra nickel on shampoo, she was helping the economy.

Fern and her husband have talked about this a lot and now think of spending money in terms of “voting with our money.” The are conscious to spend money at places they like and that share their values.

For example, each summer they buy a CSA share, and regularly purchase locally grown produce from the grocery store.

Like many people, Fern will pay more money for better customer service.

Fern also said she will spend more for a good shopping experience. While most books cost less on than at a brick-and-mortar Barnes & Nobles, Fern enjoys browsing for books in a bookstore and will pay more (occasionally) for that experience.

On this topic, Fern is quick to bring up the time that she and her husband did not vote enough with their money. When their favorite local Thai restaurant closed unexpectedly, they lamented that they had not patronized the restaurant enough. Now when thy discover a new restaurant, they are quick to go back and support the restaurant, lest it goes the way of the Thai place.


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