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August 24, 2008

Update: Frugal Fun with Friends

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In a past post, I listed some of the ways I have fun with friends on the cheap. One such activity is to visit Whole Foods when they give out samples:

Free Sample Night at Whole Foods — Every Wednesday during the summer, my local Whole Foods offers samples throughout the store, and since the theme changes weekly, we always get to try something new. Typically there are 1-2 fruit/vegetable tastings, 2-4 entrees, and 1-2 desserts. It is not quite enough for a meal, but it all tastes very good.

Cost: gas to get to the store and home, about $1-2.

On a recent Wednesday night trip to Whole Foods, free sample night became free dinner night because I won the raffle for a Whole Foods dinner! My prize was a summer bbq pack for four — 8 pieces of fried chicken and generous portions of potato salad, coleslaw, and salad. My excitement of winning was tempered by the fact that the only food I really liked was the salad.

This brings back the memories of other contests and raffles I won.

11-years-old: Guess the number of jelly beans in the jar.

16-years-old: The raffle prize was a $25 set of glow-in-the-dark stars. When I saw that few people were entering the raffle, I spent $5 to buy up most of the raffle tickets. When I won the 1st and 3rd place raffle prizes, the organizers got upset and only let me keep one prize. Not a problem because I got the glow-in-the-dark stars.

17-years-old: At my father’s employer, children could attend “Take you daughter child to work day” until turning 18. Since both my father and I enjoyed this event, I attended every year I was eligible. My final year attending, I won the “Guess the number of microchips in the jar.” This competition was right after a visit to the “Wacky Wafer Room” and was followed by a cake walk. My dad’s office was so much fun –why did he retire?

26-years-old: Won the Whole Foods raffle of a meal I would never have paid for.


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