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August 20, 2008

Scrimp/Splurge: Books

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Scrimp: Checking out books from the public library

Spending at the library in 2007: $0.15 (a late fee)

Splurge: Buying everything new on Amazon

Spending at in 2007: $962.02 (that includes a few gifts and an extra Wii remote for myself)

Lots of people raise eyebrows when I say I buy most of my books new from Amazon (especially in my book club, where almost everyone else uses the library).

I love looking at my books. They tell the story of my life — where I have lived, where I have gone on vacation, my hobbies, my academic interests, my career interests.

I love loaning a book to a friend. It is so much fun to say, “I just read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book The Last American Man. I really liked it, and I think you will, too. You can borrow my copy and give it to Nathan when you finish because I want him to read it also.” Maybe I am being bossy by shoving books on my friends, but no one seems to mind.

I love giving books away. If a friend is visiting on a trip and needs a new book to read, I send him off with one of my favorites.

All of this cumulative pleasure (reading, looking at, and giving) is worth more than the price of a paperback.


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  1. Uhmmm… what about the price of a Kindle?

    I think buying new books is crazy! That is almost $1,000 that could have gone towards charity, or taking your neighbor out for coffee every weekend 😉

    Why not buy used? They are usually in great shape, a fraction of the cost and it feels good to know that I am not contributing to a landfill.

    Comment by Amie — August 20, 2008 @ 2:42 pm |Reply

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