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July 30, 2008

Bigger is better

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Bigger is better … at least when it comes to monitors.

Studies have shown that people are more productive when using larger monitors or two monitors at once, especially at tasks that keep multiple windows open (read about this in the NYT and WSJ)

Just last week I visited a friend at her office, and she showed off her new second monitor. Since she builds webpages, her boss got her another monitor so that she can work faster.

If you are looking for a new workstation set-up, two medium-size monitors might be cheaper than one larger monitor.

I write these posts on a 17″ MacBook Pro. It is a lot easier to write with this laptop than on my old 13″ iBook. I can keep a WordPress tab open in one Firefox window and in another window my list of ideas for posts in Google Docs.

How is your workspace set up? Have you tried dual monitors?


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  1. Desktop: I use a 15″ monitor alongside a 27″ monitor. The different sizes serve a purpose, keeping email “contained” on a smaller screen even though I sometimes drag items across the monitors, anyway.

    Laptop: At the other end of my home office, I use two 17″ laptops operating separately (one is PC, one is MacBookPro). Especially if I’m on a conference I like having completely separate resources at hand. I cannot possibly display an unintended screen to people across the country. Both laptops have built in cameras and that’s a plus so that I can do many tasks on either machine. Just as important as the hardware is the furniture that supports them. I use an airdesk with two oversized laptop platforms. This requires a very heavy double base, by the way, so my airdesk is not light as air. ~ MB

    Comment by Mary Bold — July 30, 2008 @ 4:43 pm |Reply

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