Money To Live

July 24, 2008


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The phrase “money to live” comes from something my mother used to say whenever I complained about spending money:
“It takes money to live.”

I used to be (and still sometimes am) shocked at how expensive things cost. “Things” could be a shower curtain, a gallon of gas, or the $5 surcharge on my gas bill. My mom has always responded patiently to my laments with a sigh and “It takes money to live.”

After supporting myself for several years, I came to understand that I use money to live the way I want.

My best friend is my sounding board for everything in life, and I knew I had the right name for this blog when she said, “I need money to live, but otherwise I don’t care.”

This blog is aimed at those who do not want to be confined by their finances but want to use money to live.


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  1. “Money to live” means several things in my mind: (a) the survivalist approach, i.e. one is eking out a “living”, making money to make ends meet, and (b) “lifestyle”, choice, freedom, and truly using one’s money to live the life one chooses.

    What I find interesting is how much social (particularly family) views affect how one views money. I philosophically strive for (b) but sometimes think like (a) because of limiting views or fears. However, (a) is partly a result of values and habits I absorbed while growing up.

    Comment by Anita — September 9, 2008 @ 9:52 am |Reply

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